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The IQ score remains the single most respected measurement of a person’s intelligence for centuries. It’s all about competition. How smart are you compared to others? Let’s find out where you stand on the Global Intelligence rankings!

All participants are required to undergo the below IQ test and submit their test scores in order to enter the rankings. (Will take about 30mins). This test (Mensa Norway IQ Test) is chosen after careful consideration of the quality, validity, reliability, and the ease of access for everyone. (Below website is not affiliated and no sign in required)

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Global Intelligence Rankings

1Gayathra Karannagoda133
2Ruchini Nimeshala118
3Reshan Silva110
4Sashira Madusankya107
5Buddhi Kaushalya105
6Thilini Thakshila102

How to enter the rankings?
Simply take a screenshot of your test results and submit below with your name & country. The screenshot needs to show the date on which the test was taken for verification purposes. No email required.

Or send your test results to our Facebook/Twitter pages. Make sure to mention the #brainranking tag.
User results can be found on the official Facebook and Twitter pages.
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